Hello!  This is Heather - the daughter of the team :)  Wanted to reach out with our first blog (and when I say first I REALLY mean first so do not judge!)  This past year has brought on a few changes for Country Junction Soaps - all AWESOME changes!  

   First after many years of trying to manage a full time job plus our growing soap business I finally made the leap of faith and left my career of 20 years to give Country Junction Soaps 100% and I have never been happier!  First order of business was to build a new website - which is sooooo daunting!!  I have no idea how folks do this all the time - much "cred" to those of you who do!  There is so much to it and I'm learning a lot so hopefully the end result will be worth it!!  We are just striving to make it easier and more enjoyable for our customers to browse and order - so ANY suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.  

   Secondly...  You can probably hear the squeals of joy all the way from the farm where Mom is doing her happy dance in the newly EXPANDED soap kitchen!!  She is in heaven with all the room and the heat!!!  There is no telling what she will come up with now over there :):)

So... point is... 2016 is going to be awesome and we are so excited for all of the opportunities we have before us!!

Thank you so much to each and every one of you - you are making our dreams come true and we are forever grateful.

Heather & Sandy

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We visited Senoia last week and stopped by your shop. I bought the oatmeal, Milk and Honey lotion for my 12 year old daughter who is currently taking chemo pills for tumors. She has a very bad rash on her face, chest, back and hands. The fist time apply this lotion her face looks amazing and her chest and back is starting clear up but her hands the rash is gone. Thank you so so much for this product. I will be order more when we run out..


I have ordered several items from country junction and it’s the best by far .love everything I order. Thank you !

Jodi Harris

Yes.. I’m totally out of my Oatmeal & Honey lotion. Can I order my lotions from you??? I bought some from my favorite store in Senoia but they were closed while I was visiting my daughter in Senoia>> I live in VA…. Love this lotion it’s the best for dry skin in the Winter>>>. Thank-You Julie Mayo


My husband and I just visited Senoia again and I had to pick up my favorite lotion of all time, Oatmeal Milk & Honey. It is by far the best lotion I’ve had tried. Love your products!

Kay Cain

Loved our visit. I’m so excited for our goat babies to get home here. Thanks Sandy.


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