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Sugar Scrub

$ 16.00

Sugar Scrubs are a very gentle but beneficial way to exfoliate.  Sugar can be bad in some areas but as far as skin care it actually can help :)  Sugar is a natural humectant so it will draw moisture from the environment and help hydrate your skin.  Sugar is also a natural source of Alpha-Hydroxy acid which penetrates the skin and helps break down dead skin cells which makes it a perfect exfoliator!

The Coffee & Brown Sugar has actual coffe grounds added to stimulate your skin while exfoliating!

The Mango Papaya also has poppy seeds added to it to assist with exfoliating 

The Eucalyptus and Green Tea has Charcoal vita-burst beads added to it!  Exfoliate and detox your skin at the same time!

The Grapefruit & Pomegranate has Olive Oil vita burst beads added to it for an extra moisturizing affect while exfoliating!

8 oz.


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